The AVIE-SC system (or Semicircular) is installed in the Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre (EPICentre) on the UNSW Paddington campus of the Faculty of Art and Design. It is a 7m wide x 3.2m high stand alone 160 degree 3D curved screen. It includes a 3D stereoscopic projection system, a multi-channel audio system and a motion capture and tracking system articulated to a series of control and image generators.

AVIE-SC projector configuration

It forms the central visualisation platform in the NIEA iCinema Lab for research, teaching and exhibition in the fields of immersive environments, physical/virtual interactivity and networked collaboration. The laboratory is articulated to the research, teaching and exhibition programs at UNSW Faculties of: Art and Design, Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Science along with NIDA. It is networked with the AVIE system at the Kensington campus and will be progressively networked with the Data Arena Lab at UTS, 3D Digital Cinema Lab at University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe, and ALIVE Centre at City U Hong Kong. Research undertaken is programmatically focused on preliminary studies for development of competitive grant applications. Teaching is programmatically focused on interdisciplinary content spanning creative arts and technology. Exhibitions are programmatically focused on the outcomes of the research and teaching.

Research, Teaching and Exhibition Program are in the following areas:

a) Immersive visualisation for imaging and modeling using video and CGI
b) Interactive aesthetics for narrative interaction using physical and virtual agents
c) Networked collaboration for narrative authoring using human and machine participants

AVIE-SC installation view