Web of Life


  1. Original concept: Michael Gleich
  2. Overall Design Concept and Project Directors: Jeffrey Shaw and Michael Gleich
  3. Application Software Design and Realisation: Bernd Lintermann
  4. Projected Imagery Concept and Realisation: Bernd Lintermann
  5. Video Concept and Realisation: Lawrence Wallen, Bernd Lintermann, assisted by Olivia Lorykay
  6. Archival Video Footage Sponsored by: SWR and Dutch Film archive
  7. Audio Concept and Realisation: Torsten Belschner
  8. Architecture Concept and Design: Manfred Wolff-Plottegg, Arne Böhm, assisted by Martin Huth
  9. User Interface Concept and Design: Michael Gleich, Jeffrey Shaw, Bernd Linterman
  10. User Interface Application Software: Martina Haitz, assisted by Kier Smith
  11. Production Team: Jan Gerigk, Achim Goebel, Christina Zartmann, Manfred Hauffen, Torsten Ziegler, Silke Sutter, Susanne Ackers, Andrea Gleininger, Ula
    Müller, Martin Haeberle

Produced by the ZKM Institute for Visual Media