Project Overview

ARC Project Investigators: Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Paul Compton, Jeffrey Shaw, Horace Ip, Sarah Kenderdine, Tim Hart, Peter Weibel
Artistic Directors: Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine, Tim Hart
Sound Designer & Composer: David Chesworth
ARC Project Title: iDATA: Narrative reformulation of museological data: the coherent representation of information by users in interactive systems
ARC Linkage Grant ID: LP100100466


mARChive installation view

This research provides Australia with a long-term opportunity to enhance its involvement in the billion dollar creative economy by building the world’s first immersive 360 degree interactive data browser. Research into such systems benefits society by providing a cutting-edge development in digital technology and information access that enables a creative innovation culture. Through applied research into the narrative forms that underpin museological archives, this study ensures that Australia remains at the forefront of the growing worldwide research into interactive technology, thereby assisting the global digital media industry to tackle emergent challenges.

mARChive video documentation

The project explores the proposition that museum users in digital settings will apply aesthetic choices in their navigation and re-organisation of heterogeneous databases and that these choices take on qualities of an interactive narrative. The Experimental Study provides multiple users with the delivery of a vast range of 3D digital data that can be interactively captured, sorted and recomposed, furnishing a platform for the experimental and theoretical investigation into the exercise of narrative coherence by users.


  • Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, 2016
  • Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, 2015
  • Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, 2014