Project Overview

ARC Laureate Fellow: Dennis Del Favero
ARC Post Doctoral Fellows: Dr Susanne Thurow, Dr Carlos Tirado
ARC Senior Programmer: Alex Ong
ARC Programmer: Simo Jurisic
ARC 3D Modeller: Scott Cotterell
ARC Project Title: Burning landscapes: reimagining unpredictable scenarios
Project Funding: ARC FL200100004

iFire project transforms the traditional artistic paradigm of wildfire visualisation as the human-centred depiction of predictable events by harnessing revolutionary advances in art and technology. Through application of an advanced artistic framework, it demonstrates how globally distributed users and digital systems can collaboratively depict unpredictable wildfire landscapes in real time and at real scale. Anticipated outcomes include a cutting-edge platform that provides life-like experiences to understand their behaviour and dynamics, and the increasing uncertainties they pose. It explores the depiction of these scenarios through a range of applications for the fire management, film, museology and contemporary art industries.

iFire delivers transformative developments in how we visually understand, explore and respond to unforeseen and multi-located wildfires. It maximises artistic and technological insight into the unanticipated experiences involved by enabling users to safely navigate a range of risk-laden situations in experientially compelling settings, using an advanced digital platform. Its unprecedented assembly of global expertise and infrastructure creates a framework that eliminates previous hurdles by facilitating users to share and explore these environments across multiple locations, enhancing collaborative deliberation, contextual awareness and group training. The end-result is a portable artistic technology offering a suite of innovative capabilities that facilitate industry uptake and commercialisation, while engaging with a range of stakeholders to establish Australia’s leadership in the cutting-edge visualisation of wildfire scenarios.

The iFire project is financially supported under the Australian Research Council’s Laureate funding scheme.

iFire AVIE
iFire in AVIE 3D Cinema.